Poker close to the vest

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White compared Folk’s diplomatic skills to those of President McKinley (who had been assassinated just a few years earlier) in words that call to mind a game of poker: “He plays the game of life with a smiling face, but with his cards close to his vest buttons. He is as unimpulsive as McKinley whom, in many ways, he strongly resembles.

A Las Vegas police officer wearing a bulletproof vest and a robbery suspect were both struck by gunfire Friday night outside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino on the packed Las Vegas Strip, according ... What does close to the vest mean? - Definition of close to the vest in the dictionary. Meaning of close to the vest. What does close to the vest mean? Information and translations of close to the vest in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Poker Etiquette - How Poker Works | HowStuffWorks

Mar 19, 2019 ... The Bellagio poker room was the site of an attempted robbery over the ... with Cohen but there's a good chance a bulletproof vest saved his life.

Hold your cards close to your chest - Idioms by The Free ... If you play your cards close to your chest, you do not tell anyone about your plans or thoughts. Williams is playing his cards close to his chest, especially in terms of his driver line-up for next season. He plays his cards very close to the vest, leaving some attorneys with whom he's worked to describe him as secretive and manipulative.

So what does the expression "Playing it a little closer to the vest" mean anyway? Follow . 12 ... Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: Playing it close to the vest...keeping information to yourself, not giving clues or cues to those ... In poker, you hold your cards close to your body when reading them so that no one else will see them

Hold your cards close to your chest - Idioms by The Free ...

Playing One's Cards Close to the Vest and the Pulitzer Prize

keep something secret, to hold something close so no one else can see it.Though it was just a friendly game of Go-Fish, Henry kept his cards close to the vest, not letting anyone else see which cards he held. Покер | The West Forum RU этот покер - бред полнейший!!! его уже ввили на бету, и знаете что я вам скажу? нафиг нам это не надо! лично я играю в вест потому что он координально отличается от других игр. в чём смысл тогда вводить всякую такую брехню? может ещё скачки, салочки и классики введём... How To Play The Turn and River In Texas Hold'em Poker

The PGCB is playing its cards close to the vest when it comes to setting a timeline, but PGCB spokesperson Doug Harbach did provide a window when he spoke to WITF’s Katie Meyer. According to Harbach, putting a firm timetable on launches is impossible at this time, but he did seem to indicate that a year was the upper end for all of the reforms .

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