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Eco-Friendly DS cases (No more GBA slot) - 3DS/DS/GBA There is also an imprint on the eco cut out... This plastic case contains no recyclable matieral and may not be recyclable in your area. I think that's hilariously stupid to go eco-friendly and yet use no existing material. I guess GS must be seriously hitting the landfills since they got rid of ALL used DS case... Slot 2 GBA emulator - GBAtemp.net 2010-6-23 · the games are transferred to a volatile (or semi-permanent, your choice which to use) memory from the Slot-1 card, then the DS is turned into a GBA, access to Slot-1 is cut off and you play the game that was stored in slot-1 from slot-2. Should nintendo got rid of the gba slot for the dsi or 2010-4-13 · I dont think they should of got rid of the gba slot everyone still loves to play gba games if you do get tired of the games then you have the ds games to play whats wrong with that??

The original DS and the DS Lite have a slot for GBA cartridges. The DSi, 3DS ... Can I use my old r4 card in the new Nintendo 3DS's DS slot?

DIY RumblePak for Nintendo DS Lite: This was an attempt to make a RumblePak for my DS Lite. Sure you can buy them for a few $$$, but where is the fun in that? I wanted the Rumble Pak to fit into the existing blanking plate of the DS Lite … Can you play Nintendo DS games on Nintendo DS you if you mean the dsi then yes. however you cannot play 3ds games on the dsC.A.W.

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A DS's Slot-2 (GBA slot) is unable to use the DS's wireless capabilities, even if it's a GBA game which could use the GBA wireless adaptors. You can only use the online portions of a GBA game ... What did the Supercard "patch" program actually do to GBA ... Normally, after saving the game, the user needs to quickly power cycle the GBA and restart the menu to copy the SRAM back to the SD card. The patch does the copying within the game under certain conditions. Patching DS games: When used in SLOT-2 of a suitably modded Nintendo DS, SuperCard can play DS games. Which GBA game that can go into a gba slot on the DS that ... The GBA and The DS 2 in 1 Action Replay in reality is just a GBA Action Replay because I have one and for the DS slot it won't work. That is because the DS game has to be connected to the Nintendo ...

2006-9-4 · - Supports GBA game carts usage at the same time the DS Link is used - Supports Slot-2 peripherals including the Opera memory card, motion senser, vibration module, etc. - Uses 4M of EEPROM flash memory, does not require a battery so your game saves will never be lost - Can play GBA games when used with GBALink Zip series carts

... Boy Advance game cartridge is inserted into the Nintendo DS' GBA slot, special ... your party from any of these GBA games can be used to create a new cup. Nintendo DS - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon ...

The Cartridge Slot Cover is a replacement for the one included with your Nintendo DS Lite. The Cartridge Slot Cover is a removable cover that keeps the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot clear from dust and debris when it's not in use.

Game Boy Advance Games and Systems on Sale with Free Shipping. Backed by a 90 Day No Questions Asked Return Policy. GBA games on an r4 with out a slot 2 device. | AfterDawn ... Gba is heavy system to emulate. To clear things up it is that device 2 needs additional ram to run game, hence, the bulky gba cart.DS games are streamed from the cart. Gba reads directly from the cartridge instead from ds RAM as the ds (gba games already have RAM). Again, it is a hardware conflict. What should I buy? DS Lite or 3DS? | Yahoo Answers You can play ds lite games on the 3ds and games these days tend to be released on 3ds so therefore if you have one you can play both 3ds and normal ds games on one device. As for the GBA slot i'm pretty sure if you were thaat desperate you could buy an old GBA sp for pretty cheap new or used from places like amazon and ebay.